Giant Stand-up Paddleboard Race

Fun team building sea battle

0.5 - 1 HOURS

Number of people:
12 - 180

from 32 Euros per person

Picture summertime in Dubrovnik and you at the beach racing your colleagues and friends on our Giant Stand Up Paddle Boards in this exhilarating and fun team building activity. Perfect for summer months from May to October. We assign teams of 6-8 people to each board which is 5.15 meters long and 1.55 meters wide. We show the best paddling technique and some time to practice before the race starts. Team members must work as together to steer the paddleboard in the right direction. Board flips and funny moments that get quite a few laughs ensured. The rules of the race can be adjusted according to the location of the even, group size, available time etc. This activity can be organized for large and small groups, practically on any location by the sea in Dubrovnik area. We can combine some of our other popular Beach Games for a full team building day at the beach.