Kitchen battle between teams

2 - 3 HOURS

Number of people:
6 - 20


Croatian cuisine is surprisingly diverse. It has its own original creations, but many of the regional specialties are local versions of Hungarian, Italian, Turkish and French dishes - Dubrovnik was particularly influenced by Italian gastronomy.
So put your apron on, sharpen your knives and get ready to cook! This activity takes place in a seaside restaurant in Cavtat, Dubrovnik's neighbor. Your chef, Mislav, will demonstrate how to make the local risotto, which means everyone will have the chance to taste exactly what theirs should be like. Then the group is split into mini cooking-squads, given the utensils and ingredients, and let loose in the kitchen. Mislav himself will judge which team has made best risotto and whether the results are good or bad, the final masterpieces constitute what will be served up for lunch!