An alternative triathlon race

3 - 5 HOURS

Number of people:
12 - 70


The Konavle Valley is only 45mins from Dubrovnik and is a haven for rock climbing, hiking and biking. We have combined all 3 to produce the ultimate team-building exercise in the form of a unique triathlon race.
For the first part, the rock climbing, our instructor will teach everyone the safety procedures, how to use the equipment and basic climbing techniques. The group is then broken down into colored teams, with the aim of climbing to the summit of a rock formation, collecting objects on the way. Once the summit is reached, there is a hike to a nearby village, where the bikes are waiting. The cycle route takes the teams through the natural beauty of the Konavle Valley, with the finish line conveniently located at a local restaurant. During lunch, each team's time is calculated and the winners are announced.