Your very own adrenaline Olympics

1 - 3.5 HOURS

Number of people:
20 - 50


The creation of an "adrenaline park" near Dubrovnik has opened up the possibility of an intense team-building tournament day across several disciplines. A tournament scoreboard is set up in the center of the park, with each colored team pitched against the other in the following activities:
Zipline tag race: each team member climbs to the top of the tower, takes the zipline to the end, runs back to the bottom of the tower and tags the next person to take the same circuit. The fastest team to complete the full cycle of all members gets the most points!
Paint-balling: under the watchful eye of the referee, the paintball battle rages as one by one the combatants are shot and eliminated. There is more than one game in this part of the tournament with various themes such as "capture the flag" and "last-man standing".
Archery contest: after detailed instruction on how to shoot accurately and safely, the arrows begin to fly. More points are awarded the closer the arrows hit to the center of the targets.
Zorbing race: teams take each other on, head-to-head, racing like hamsters in large, plastic globes to get to the finish line first.
Many of the above games can run simultaneously, generating an intense, fun and exciting atmosphere with the leader board being updated constantly to create even an inclusive interest in the developments of every contest.