Island beach challenge

1.5 - 3.5 HOURS

Number of people:
12 - 120


Croatia is famous for its exquisite coastline, so it makes sense to combine the beach with team-building. Our beach games take place on a nearby island and we can include as many or as few of them as you wish, with the added option of customizing them to suit certain groups, schedules, budgets and preferences. Choose from:
Beach Volleyball – this can be approached as a knock-out tournament, league or round robin format.
Picigin – a local game that involves a group standing in shallow water whilst knocking a small ball to each other, using hands, feet, head - any body part you can - to keep it from falling into the water.
Swimming Relay - each team nominates several swimmers to swim out from the beach, out to a buoy which is set up as the turning point. Swimmers have to touch the buoy, swim back and tag the next team member to do the same until all members have completed the relay.
Champagne Diving – bottles of sparkling wine are placed on the bottom of the sea – not too deep but far enough down to need to dive to get them. Each team has to get one bottle and points are awarded for best dive, fastest retrieval etc.
Sandcastle Building – Teams have 20 minutes to build the best sandcastle, with points awarded for size, style and decoration.

N.B. Transportation to the island is not included. However, we will arrange private speed boat or boat transfers depending on group size and preferences.