The most creative and fun activity

2 - 6 HOURS

Number of people:
12 - 340


This "Hollywood" activity adds the essential, team-driven finishing touch to an awards ceremony or gala dinner. A day or two before the ceremony, the participants are divided into film crews of around 7-10 people. They are each assigned their own "creative table" in the conference hall and given around 30-60 mins in which to come up with entertaining scenarios for a 2-minute advert, consisting of several scenes, that they will shoot later that day.This video usually advertises one of the company's products or the business itself, although this is optional.
After finalising the scenes, the crews will need to assign specific roles to each individual: actors, camera operators, director, producer etc, according to what is required for their particular advert. Our staff will be on hand to advise the crews on the variety of backgrounds and locations in the chosen shooting area.
Each crew will have their own clapper-board and will log their preferred take from each filmed scene on a shot list in order for our professional editor to select the best scenes from the raw footage. We will then need 8-24 hours to cut the finished advert together and add any requested music and effects.
All these efforts get their rewards on the evening of the awards ceremony. Picture the scene: the crew members arrive at the venue, all glammed up Oscars-style, and walk down the red carpet towards the entrance. The Croatian papparrazzi are out in force, getting the stars to stop and pose for photos at the press wall (complete with company logos). During the dinner, the adverts are screened and nominees announced in various categories such as "actor/actress in a leading role", "best picture" etc. The envelopes come out. The gathered guests go silent. "And the winner is....... "
As the winners clutch their golden statuettes, emotional acceptance speeches will be expected and applauded.