Singing and dancing in the local style

2 - 4 HOURS

Number of people:
30 - 100


All around Dubrovnik, there are villages where folk singing and dancing traditions are thriving and form an important part of national and regional identity. The groups who practice these local arts love to share them and are experts at teaching visitors how to learn simple dance steps or the Dalmatian choir-singing style known as "Klapa".
The team will be broken down into classes of 8-10 people. Each team will get their own Klapa singing instructor or folk dance teacher. The classes will be driven to separate locations where they will be introduced to, and practice their singing or dance performance with the instructor in complete isolation from the other groups. The singing classes will pick a well-known international song and sing it in Klapa, while the dance classes will learn the traditional "Lindjo" moves and steps.
The locations for the classes could be perfect countryside spots for picnics and a lovely spread will be laid out for lunch with local cheese, wine, prosciutto ham and other specialties on offer.
The final pieces will be performed as a competition at the dinner venue.  Each performance will be short (approx.1 to 2 minutes) and of course we will provide some traditional outfits for several people in each group to make the entire show more authentic and more fun.