Fun and short ice brakers for your conference in Dubrovnik

0.5 - 1 HOUR

Number of people:
8 - 800


Dubrovnik Team Building presents a few Ice Brakers for your conference or corporate event in Dubrovnik. Other ideas are available on request.

Tell Me Something Funny!
Your group will be split into smaller teams of 8-10 people. Everyone in the team needs to tell a joke, and the members choose the funniest. These jokes will then be performed in a kind of comedy tournament between the teams, in front of everyone. Our Judges will decide which team had the the funniest joke, based on the timing of the delivery, and the reaction to each joke.

Make Your Own Hit Song!
Your group is broken down into smaller teams of 8-10 members. The premise is simple: with a time limit, each team needs to rewrite the lyrics to a provided well-known pop song from scratch.The city of Dubrovnik, Croatia, your conference or anything related to your company must be included in the lyrics. The teams then select singers from their members to perform the altered song, accompanied by our guitarist, in front of everyone.Our judges will choose the winning team based on the best performance, funniest lyrics and audience reaction.

Assemble the Giant Custom-Made Puzzle!
Each team of 8-10 people receives a giant A2-sized customized puzzle. The puzzle picture can be portrait of the CEO (flattering or unflattering!), a group photo of company members, the company logo, or another picture chosen by the participants – you are only limited here by your own imagination. The team that assembles the puzzle first wins the competition!