Dubrovnik & Game of Thrones Challenge Combined

1.5 - 2.5 HOURS

Number of people:


The King's Landing Challenge really tests your all-round abilities, combining fun Game of Thrones related tasks with educational assignments that will take you to some of Dubrovnik's hidden corners and must-see areas.
Your group is divided into teams of 8-12 people, with each one receiving a list of tasks and a time limit. With each finished task, the teams accumulate points. The team with the most points is the victor!To ensure there is no cheating, a photo of each completed assignment is needed as proof, otherwise no points will be gained. Teams need to seek out the Black Market Dealer (who will be wearing a distinctive costume), solve a crossword, find the Dragon's Egg, put on a street performance to qualify as entertainers for the King Joffery's wedding party, reenact the infamous Walk of Shame scene, catch fish, make friends with a local, and much more. While a few of the tasks are just for laughs, others will take your group into secret areas of the town, unveiling yet more of Dubrovnik's fascinating history as you progress.