A song writing and singing competition

1 - 3 HOURS

Number of people:
20 - 200


Ever find yourself distorting the lyrics to a famous song as you sing along, or mishearing them so that your version is completely different to the author's original?
See this BBC article for the top misheard song lyrics of all time:
Well, Twisted Karaoke is our own patented game based on our shared love of "mondegreen", as the mishearing or misinterpreting of lyrics is known.
Each group will need to write from scratch or simply distort the lyrics on a chosen pop song. The group then selects a singer to perform the altered song, in classic karaoke style, in front of the entire group, with the lyrics projected onto a screen behind them. The chorus needs to be particularly witty, making the whole audience want to sing along! A jury of X-factor style judges will choose the winning team based on best performance, funniest lyrics and audience reaction to the chorus.
This hilarious activity can be organized in any venue - outdoor or indoor - and its flexibility lends itself to preparation during the day, with performance in the evening at the dinner venue.