Taste Croatian wines and test your senses!

6 - 8 hours

Number of people:
8 - 80


A quality wine is more than just a drink. It is an almost magical sensation arising from a harmony of taste, bouquet and texture. Indeed, a glass of wine should be savored with local specialties which derive from the region around the vineyards the wine originated from. This type of authentic experience is offered to the team on our Wine Tasting Competition.
The group is taken to the peninsula of Peljesac - the most famous region in Dalmatia for the production of quality red wines. En route, there is a short sightseeing stop at the town of Ston in order to admire Croatia's very own version of "The Great Wall of China".
We then proceed through seemingly endless vineyards as the groups visit six family-owned wineries for wine-tasting with traditional accompaniments such as local cheese and prosciutto ham.
Finally, the tour finishes at Potomje, a picturesque village in a pretty valley, to visit a spacious family wine-cellar and enjoy the last tasting session of 2 more reds. This is where our competition takes place.
Each team tastes one wine and tries to guess which it is from the ones tasted earlier that day. The teams who guess correctly go through to the next round, and so on until we are left with the winning team!